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Please note online classes can be started at any stage.

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Morning Pilates

What better way to start your morning than with a Pilates session to blow away those cobwebs and get your joints moving and muscles fired up for the day! This class is a mixed level and all exercises modified accordingly.


Pregnancy Pilates - Lower Level

Prepare your body in the best possible way for the challenge of labour and the beauty of birth. Class includes flexibility and strength work, pelvic floor training, relaxation and educational components to assist you through labour and prepare you as best we can for the 4th trimester. We would love to meet you and bump!


Pregnancy Pilates - Higher Level

This class is designed for those pregnant ladies with a reasonable level of fitness and who wish to continue their Cardio and Strength training safely.

*Please note this class is not suitable for ladies experiencing pelvic girdle pain.


Postnatal Phase 1

Reconnect with Pelvic Floor and Core

This class is all about mum and her postnatal recovery! Start your journey here with our expert Womens Health Physiotherapists who can help guide you on your posture, body awareness, balance, pelvic floor strength and abdominal rehab.

*Babies are welcome in our daytime classes*


Postnatal Phase 2

Move Mummy Move

We understand the pressure on mums to “regain their figure” but we also know the negative impact of returning to higher impact exercise too early.

This class is aimed at bridging the gap on return to higher level impact exercises. It is based on the fantastic return to running guidelines gradually loading the pelvic floor with more dynamic exercises. This class will aim to bring all your core work together in functional and higher impact exercises. With the use of weights in the class you are guaranteed a challenging yet rewarding work-out.

*Pre-requiste: Completion of Postnatal Phase 1*


Low Back Pain Pilates

“Motion is Lotion” This class is designed to give clients the confidence to exercise and move in a safe environment. All exercises are specific to improving spinal mobility and strength with the aim of reducing back pain and preventing re-occurrence.


Advanced Pilates Burn

This is our most advanced pilates class which involves getting a high level cardio workout using weights and ensuring you get that desired ‘burn’ in your abdominal core area.


Pilates - Mixed Levels (including Men Only class)

Learn the key elements of Pilates in our Beginner class and then progress your way through our varied classes. Exercises within the mixed level classes will be demonstrated with a lower intermediate and higher level option available . Our experienced Physiotherapists can help determine if you are ready to progress to the next level.